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Smoke Signals is set in the world of cigarette marketing.  If you's like to find out something about the trends in this market, read this background box:


The world tobacco market:

As people have become increasingly aware of the health risks, consumption of cigarettes has fallen in Western Europe and North  America.  This has meant that big tobacco companies have started looking elsewhere for promising new markets.  The result has been a steady increase in the number of smokers in Asia, Africa and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Way In:

When people choose a career, they often have to make a choice between looking after their own interests and trying to help others.  The following matrix is a way of looking at the relationship between making money and doing good in society.

The jobs matrix:

Doctors make a lot of money and are good for society, so they are placed in the top right quadrant.  Pickpockets don't do any good for society and they (normally) don't make much money either, so they go in the bottom left quadrant.

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Where in the matrix would you put these jobs?


drug dealer

financial speculator

car salesperson

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